Spender or Saver?

Are you good with money? Take a look at your bank account...are you in the black or is it time for your credit cards to meet a pair of scissors? Time to face the music! And don't worry - this test is free!

1) How long does your paycheck usually last you?

2) How many credit cards do you have?

3) How often do you take risks with your money, like play the stock market or gamble?

4) In terms of your financing, what kind of planning have you done?

5) Have you ever been in debt?

6) Where do most of your expenses come from?

7) How often do you borrow money?

8) When do you pay your bills?

9) When you shop for clothes or gadgets, do you look for bargains?

10) If we asked to borrow $500 right now, what would you say?

11) Whenever the bank or credit company calls, how do they usually start the conversation?

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