Vacation Personality Test

We're stressed. You haven't taken a day off since 1984. The closest you've ever been to a vacation is drinking punch in your bathtub. Don't worry...just relax and let your mind drift away with this test, and find out which type of wonderful getaway you should plan for your next vacation.

1) If there's anything you hate it's:

2) How much of a physical risk taker are you?

3) There's nothing like the sound of:

4) What kind of spender are you?

5) Do you enjoy being pampered?

6) Imagine you've woken up on the first day of your vacation. When you step out on the door, what's the first thing you want to smell?

7) Room service knocks at your door. What would you love to hear them say?

8) When vacationing, do you like to be with a lot of people?

9) What type of accomodations do you prefer?

10) The food has to be:

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