Sixth Sense Test

Can you tell what we're thinking right now? If you guessed that we were thinking about how amazing this test is, you're right! Kidding aside though, many people believe that we are all gifted with a "sixth sense". No, it's not just the ability to see dead's what paranormal researchers have called "Extra Sensory Perception": the ability to perceive things that are otherwise undetected by our five senses. So have you been gifted with a "third eye"?

1) When a friend calls, can you usually tell from the sound of their voice what they're feeling?

2) When you get a weird vibe or feeling that something is wrong, does it usually turn out that way?

3) When you have dreams, how many of them come true?

4) When you're thinking of someone you haven't seen in a while, do they usually call or do you end up crossing paths with them soon after?

5) Do your first impressions of people end up turning out right?

6) When you listen to music, can you feel the beat and the lyrics deep in your soul?

7) Have you ever found yourself deeply moved by a painting?

8) Can you tell what someone is going to say even before they say it?

9) When you meditate, do you find yourself so deeply into it that you lose track of time and space?

10) Have you ever had the sense that you were being followed or watched?

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