Superficially Nice Test

Are you a sweetheart through and through or is there a bit of a jerk in you?

1) You're paying the bill at a restaurant when you notice that the waiter undercharged you...$10! What do you do?

2) You're in a public bathroom and used up all the toilet paper. A few moments later, you notice someone heading for the same stall you just emptied out. What do you do?

3) After watching a really action packed movie, you realize you made a pretty big mess - there's popcorn all over the floor and you spilled half of your soda. What do you do?

4) You're getting out of your car at the mall when you accidentally scuff the car next to you. There's a small but visible scratch. What do you do?

5) Your friend is trying to pick up a delicious tart at the bar but alas...the conquest only has eyes for you. What do you do?

6) You're babysitting your friend's prized fish over the weekend. He leaves you detailed instructions on how to take care of them...and we mean detailed. Unfortunately, you get mixed up and end up killing precious Antony and Cleopatra. What do you do?

7) Your sweet old grandma invites you over for lunch (which she's been planning for a week) but you have once in a lifetime tickets to the hottest band on earth. What do you do?

8) After a drunken night with friends, you decide to all take a cab home...but when the car arrives the driver is hideously ugly and scary. You're exhausted and just want to go home. What do you do?

9) You find out that one of your coworkers is dating an ex of yours - an ex you REALLY hate. What do you tell your coworker?

10) You're at a club and your friend is drunk as a skunk. He has spent the last half hour trying to pick up what HE thinks is a girl, but what you know is a pile of jackets. What do you do?

11) Your dad buys you his first Christmas present ON HIS OWN and doesn't do such a great job. He buys you a shirt that's the right size, but the wrong color, stlye...everything - it's awful. What do you do?

12) You're in a public bathroom washing your hands when you notice that someone is about to leave with toilet paper stuck to their shoe. What do you do?

13) You're doing some last minute Christmas shopping; all you need is a new toy that your nephew wants...and the rest of the kids in the country too. When you get to the toy aisle there's only one left, and just as you grab it, so does a pair of little hands. You look down to see the sad little eyes of a kid that looks almost like your nephew. What do you do?

14) Your friend is trying desperately to lose weight for an upcoming class reunion. While you're out at her favorite restaurant, she FORCES herself to go healthy and orders a salad. What do you order?

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