Millionaire Snob Test

They say money changes what would happen if YOU became a millionaire? Will it release your inner snob and cause you to demand fancy bottled water from a spring in some distant mountain that no one has heard of? Please take this test before you start spending that cash!

1) Do you feel that people with money automatically deserve more respect?

2) When you go shopping and make a bit of a mess (knock a sweater off a hanger, open up a package), do you put everything back as neatly as you found it?

3) Do you compare your clothes to other people's...and then feel a sense of satisfaction when you realize that yours are so much nicer and stylish?

4) Have you ever turned someone down or refused to give them a second date because you didn't like the car they drove (or because they didn't have one at all!).

5) You're paying for your groceries, and the cashier hands you over your change: a handful of coins and an old, crumpled bill. Do you ask her to open the cash again so you can change it for a nicer bill?

6) Have you ever turned someone down or refused to give them a second date because their job wasn't very sophisticated?

7) You're walking your prize winning dog in a park when a really ugly dog (who just finished playing in the mud) runs up to your pooch to play. Do you lead your dog away from the mutt?

8) Your sweet old grandma knit you a sweater for Christmas with the first letter of your name sown in nice and big in the middle. It's hideous, but your grandma insists that you put it on to show everyone. Do you?

9) You're at a cousin's wedding. There was a bit of a mix-up, and you're left without a seat. The only place that's left is at the kiddy table, surrounded by kids with bibs and macaroni on their face. What do you do?

10) Your neighbor is desperate for a babysitter. She plops her baby on your lap and promises to be back in an hour. Not even 5 minutes after she's gone, you smell a potent odor coming from his diaper. What do you do?

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