Boyfriend Commitment Phobe Test

Is your boyfriend starting to think that two's a crowd? He's sweet, buys you flowers, calls you cutesy names, and looks manly fixing your car, but does he scream like a little girl when you talk about a commitment? It's time to put your boyfriend to the test!

1) Who does your bf spend most of his time with?

2) Whenever you talk about future plans like meeting each other's parents or living together, your bf's face...

3) When you watch romantic scenes in a movie, your bf...

4) As you're shopping with your bf you notice a beautiful ring on display in a jewelery store window. When you point it out to your bf, how does he respond?

5) When friends and family bug you guys with "When are you two getting hitched?" what's your bf's response?

6) You're cuddled up on the couch with your bf when you accidentally let some lethal gas slip out. What does your bf do?

7) Your bf finds out that a close friend of his has gotten engaged. How does he respond?

8) You give your bf a key to your place. What does he do with it?

9) Can you say with 100% confidence that your boyfriend would never cheat on you?

10) If you asked your boyfriend, right here, right now, to marry you, what would be his answer?

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