Cell Phone Addiction Test

Are you addicted to your cell phone? So many of us have become hooked on this modern technology, obsessed with getting the most hi-tech gizmo to hit the market...pretty soon we'll be able to start our cars and fill up our bathtub just by pressing 777! So has your cell phone become a permanent fixture on your face?

1) You're stuck on a deserted island and won't be saved for a couple of days. What's the one thing you wouldn't be able to live without?

2) When you hear a song on the radio that you really like, what do you do?

3) You're at a friend's pool party when one of your drunk buddies throws you in the water, clothes and all. How do you react?

4) Do you have a name for your cell phone?

5) What private info would you hate for someone to use if they stole your phone?

6) On a slippery, snowy winter night your car slips, does a 360, and comes to a skidding stop in a ditch. By some miracle, you don't have a scratch on you. What's your first thought?

7) If your cell phone rang in the middle of some "personal business", would you answer it?

8) Have you ever called someone to bring you something to drink or eat even though you were both in the same house?

9) Last year, you spent more money on...

10) When do you usually call friends?

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