Wealth or Dignity?

What would you do for $1 million dollars? Eat bugs for a month? Shave all your hair off? Let's see how far you'd go!

1) Would you wear an "I'm a loser" shirt for 2 weeks straight?

2) Would you walk all the dogs in the neighborhood (for one month) wearing a giant hotdog costume?

3) Would you mow your lawn naked?

4) Would you carpool 4 really carsick kids for a whole school year...in your own car?

5) Would you volunteer to be on a giant billboard downtown, advertising the best diarrhea medicine on the market?

6) Would you run around a busy city block naked?

7) Would you work on a farm (for one month) shoveling cow manure all day?

8) Would you sing Broadway tunes in a showgirl costume, at a male prison?

9) Would you go one month without showering or brushing your teeth?

10) Would you work as an assistant on a football team, washing the player's protective "cups" for a whole season?

11) Would you spread nasty rumors about your best friend?

12) Would you kiss 100 random people off the street?

13) Would you have a camera installed in every room in your house so that people can watch you for a year?

14) Would you streak across the field during a major sports event, on "Free Binoculars for Fans Day"?

15) Would you stay in the wilderness for a month with nothing but a fork?

16) Would you dye your hair a PERMANENT blue?

17) Would you move into a home (for one year) with a permanent smell of vomit?

18) Would you live in a home (for one year) with only one bathroom...and it's in the backyard?

19) Would you get the words "Wide Load" tattooed on your bum?

20) Would you go an entire month on a strict diet...nothing but edible bugs?

21) Would you spend a year watching only one channel on TV...and not a channel of your choice?

22) Would you shave all your hair off, including eyebrows?

23) Would you permanently change your name to Smelly Von Stinksalot?

24) Would you give half of your million to your worst enemy?

25) Would you eat two snotty tissues?

26) Would you wear nothing but a diaper to work?

27) Would you make out with one of your same sex friends at a high school reunion?

28) Would you move into a mansion (with your $1 million), but only get to see and speak to your family and friends once a year for the next 5 years?

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