Follower or Leader?

Some people are born to be leaders, and some people are born to...well...really good sidekicks, like Robin is to Batman, or jam is to peanut butter. So are you the one who follows the crowd or the one who leads it?

1) When the latest fashion comes out, you're usually:

2) When something goes wrong with your plans (the place you wanted to go is packed), your friends usually:

3) Have you ever initiated a rally for social change, whether through a protest, charity, or tree-hugging fest?

4) If you're family was unhappy about the person you were dating, would you continue to see that person?

5) You're boss' annoying son starts working at the company...and he's a jerk to put it nicely. He doesn't work, makes passes at the women in the office, and the worst part is that smug look on his face, as if daring you to tell daddy. Do you tell your boss his little precious is a little jerk?

6) Do you like to walk on the wild side?

7) When you were a kid and your friends dared you to do something crazy (ring the doorbell of that mean old man and run away), did you usually take on the dare?

8) When your friends are going through a tough time, do they usually turn to you for advice?

9) Are you a man or woman of action?

10) Life is...

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